Dan Redman

Dan Redman is as solid as rock. Bluechip is another description that comes to mind. There are very few goofy footers in South Africa or anywhere for that matter who can match the shear force of Dan’s explosive surfing. He’s a back hand barrel junkie who travels up and down the KZN coast seeking out the caverns at those half points that the zone is famous for in winter.

He’s been a pro surfer for fifteen year who competed full time on the QS for seven years, notching up a win in the 2005 O’Neil Deep Water Blue six star prime held in the Maldives, and made it to thirty first in that year on the World’s toughest stage.


But that is only half the story of Daniel Redman. Now thirty, you’ll find him almost every day at some beach. The flame still burns bright – in fact he’s probably surfing better now than at anytime in his career. Last year he won the Pro Surf Tour Champion and if you saw him surfing today, you would be amazed at his carves, barrel work, air traverses and the ferocity of his backhand hacks.

Away from the water, Dan achieved a degree in marketing management last year but I seriously doubt if you’ll find him working anywhere further than spitting distance of a wave at anytime in the future. I just can’t see him moving to Joburg to take up that job offer.


Growing up in Durban and learning the ropes at the New Pier in an era where the likes of Jordy Smith, Travis Logie, Wok and later Chad Dutoit were prominent gave Dan the kind of schooling that any young aspiring professional surfer could only dream of. The levels of surfing in the first part of the century at the New Pier were beyond. Intense could only half describe it. However, Dan learned quickly. He quietly went blow for blow at every encounter with those guys. Thats his way. Understated and committed. The pro’s pro. Ask anyone who puts on a vest.



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