Davey Weare

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Davey Weare has played a massive role as both test pilot and brand ambassador for Bilt Surf. His Champions Tour experience and his international credentials have plays a big role in the ongoing design development with accredited shaper Elton Fursman, of the boards that Bilt produces for surfers all around the world.

La Lucia, Durban
Dairy / New Pier
Favourite surfer:
Taj Burrows
Favourite Waves:
New Pier / JBay and barrels
Bilt surfboards, Oakley eyewear
Started surfing:

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Competitive history:
I was fortunate to have qualified for the WCT (Top 44),
Won the Quiksilver Pro 6* Prime WQS in 2008,
5* WQS RIP CURL PRO in UK in 2006,
the 4* WQS BODY GLOVE SURFBOUT at Lower Trestles, USA in 2005
Winning Team at The World Games in 2002. 2 x ASP Africa titles.

What are your plans for 2015?
Surfing wise, just to try surf some good waves and have some fun. Hopefully get a few good barrels along the way! My focus is totally off competitive surfing

these days, more just about surfing good waves and having some fun! Obviously also working with Bilt.

Talk about your quiver:
I generally ride a 5’10 squash shaped by Elton Fursman of Bilt Surfboards. My quiver right now ranges from a 5’6 to a 7’0.

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Talk to your relationship with Bilt:
I’ve been riding for Bilt since 2000 and have developed a really strong relationship with Elton and Jason Ribbink. We’ve spent many hours together designing,

tweaking specs and working on new shapes that really helped me with getting the best boards possible. They invested a lot of time and energy into me which

I’m really grateful for. I also helped manage their team for a few years which was really good to see how things worked from the other side, not just from a

sponsored surfer’s perspective. I definitely felt like Bilt , Elton and Jason were like a family and to have that, especially during the heart of your career, is priceless.

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