Toby Mossop

Bilt welcomes Australian junior surfer Toby Mossop to the team. Toby lives on the Gold Coast, Australia’s ‘Surf Central’ where surfers are many and competition amongst the juniors is as tough as it gets on the planet. Toby won the Joe Engel Cup in 2014 and was runner up this year. This year he placed a credible 5th in the Queensland Junior Titles. More to come including some sick vids.

toby mossop

Toby Mossop Bio

Age: 16

Local Break: Burleigh Point

Favourite Board: 5’9 x 18 x 2’8


Model: Lightning 2

Best Contest results:

5th in U18 Queensland Junior Titles

1st in the Joe Engel Cup 2014

Runner up in the Joe Engel Cup 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 7.30.32 pm

Favourite Surfer: John John Florence

Sponsors: Bilt surfboards, Vissla, D’blanc, Ocean & Earth, FU Wax, Kinetic Racing Co


Future Plans and Goals: I really want to make the Australian Team next year as I have missed out by 1 spot the last two years. I want to compete in the Pro Junior Series from 2016. And I want to travel the world and bag some clips.

(All images courtesy of Toby)

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