Jason Ribbink

From being invited to the Eddia Aikau to placing runner up in the longboard world champs, Jason Ribbink has experienced every aspect of professional surfing and is considered one of South Africa’s premier watermen.  When the world tour stops in South Africa each year surfers are either phoning Jason up to order boards, or asking him where the best waves are going to be. Jason started bilt surfboards over 25 years ago and has Bilt it the most established surfboard manufacturer in South Africa.

Barry Wolins

Barro is the glue that brings this crew together. Barro built and sold Quiksilver in South Africa but before that he ran Ripcurl USA  and previous to that  was the first VP of merchandising at Rusty in the USA. Barro dedicated his life to surfing and making sure he left it in a better place than he found it. Believe it or not Barry and Jason designed two of these boards almost 20 years ago. The Whopper was originally called the BW Fish and our Double double the BW mid.

Elton Fursman

Elton has been designing and shaping Bilt surfboards for the last 25 years. He’s made boards for world tour surfers and he’s shaped for everyone from Lost to CI to Chili Surfboards and beyond. Elt is a perfectionist and our boards are a result of his perfectionist curse.

Damien Fahrenfort

South African transplant now living in Topanga, California. After retiring from a marginally successful surf career Dooma now manages South Africans finest, Mikey February and Jordy Smith. When he’s not hunting down waves up and down the California coast he’s producing films or commercials with his agency Free Radicals.

2008 Bilt ad for Zigzag Magazine featuring Dooma, Barry, Jason, Elton Fursman and David Weare.